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Harness The Power of Humor.

Making people smile with humor is always smart business. Humor lets you disarm and charm your audience winning their attention and trust. Finding and creating smart humor is now easy. And fun too.

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B2B doesn’t have to stand for Boring to Boring Anymore.

What is HumorPoint?

Welcome to HumorPoint

HumorPoint was created to be the world’s first professional Humor Toolbox where business people interested in lightening up their communications now have a multitude of creative, risk-free, easy to deliver humor options.


The smart use of humor delivers high-value business benefits

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Now anyone can find ‘professional quality’ humor to improve their success.

Make a memorable humor connection and you make a make a memorable human connection. Don’t you think it is time for you to enjoy the benefits of humor?
We think so.

The World’s First Humor Tool For Business Professionals

A Smile Makes A Difference

Making your audience smile is worth everything. It means they’re with you. Nothing builds rapport faster than fun, smart humor. It helps you enhance your presentations – be a more impressive leader – and close more deals. When we make people smile everything moves in our favor. 

Access The Power Of Humor.

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In business everyone has only one request before we communicate our message:

“Make it Easy for Me to Feel Good About This.”

Smart, professional, well-received humor works like a charm to make people feel good about you, your message, and your company.

Win Your Audience Over and Close More Deals with Humor
Improve Your Email Prospecting and Response Rate with Humor
Improve Your LinkedIn Post Views and Engagement with Humor

HumorPoint ‘s Humor Tools lets you enjoy 
all these Advantages

About us

Why HumorPoint?

HumorPoint was created to be the world’s first professional Humor Toolbox where business people interested in lightening up their communications now have a multitude of creative, risk-free, easy to deliver humor options.

Our mission is to increase your communication appeal and effectiveness by perfecting your humor competency. When someone says, “I just can’t use humor.” now you can. We leveled the humor-playing field so you can easily share smart, bridge-building, connecting humor to improve your presentations, meetings, and emails along with your likability and reputation.

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Add some humor and fun to your next presentation!

Do You Want to Make Your Next Presentation Memorable?

HumorPoint is a Professional Humor Company that solves the problem of finding safe, high-performance, laugh-generating humor to ensure you and your presentation will be heard, be liked, and be memorable. Contact us and we’ll help liven up you next presentation, and make it one to remember. 

The Value Proposition of Humor.

Scrambling to create a business presentation? Here’s a tip; start with a few slides showing a series of funny quotes or cartoons just to warm up the room. It makes people realize your talk is not going to be a total borefest and you plan to keep things lively.

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HumorPoint Services

In addition to offering the first ever suite of humor tools, HumorPoint offers these services to our clients and community.

1-on-1 Humor

With great expertise we look at your speech, sales presentation, or email/social media campaign to let you know what you can do to infuse your content with the most appealing humor to improve your presentation response, business relationships and sales success. 

Keynote Speaking

Robert Bostick has spent decades studying and perfecting comedy and humor to discover how it can be used to help professionals enjoy greater success. As the founder of HumorPoint, his Keynote Talk, “The Power of Humor & the Humor Tools to Deliver It” is both very funny and highly useful. 

Humor Edge
Sales Pack

Instantly Boost Your Presentations results, Email Response Rates, and Social Media appeal with our exclusive set of curated HumorPoint content, tool and connection success strategies. 

Benefits of Humor In The Workplace

A Lighter Mood

Faster Interpersonal Bonding

Sense of Belonging

Happily Resolved Disputes

Reduced Inhibitions

Reduced Stress

Overall Workplace Cohesion

Better Leader Performance

Impoved Mental Health

Closer Relationships

“The most remarkable thing about sharing great humor is the speed at which it alters people’s feelings about you for the better in seconds” 

– Robert Bostick, HumorPoint Founder

HumorPoint provides easy access
to smart, optimal humor
Designed to charm any professional audience.

What is your company’s humor strategy for improving sales, increasing email and social media response rates and enhancing your leadership?

Contact Us and We’ll Create One With You.

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Because Making People Smile Is Always Smart Business!

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Add some humor and fun to your next presentation!