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Smart humor tools for presenting, selling, and making an impact on the world. Because making people smile is always smart business! 


About Us

Smiles make a difference.

Making your audience smile is worth everything. It means, bang, you’ve got them. Nothing builds rapport faster than humor.

So why not throw some light on your subject? HumorPoint provides easy to browse Smart Humor Solutions for any Topic or Communication.

Attract Attention

Use the power of humor to grab the attention of your audience, and keep them entertained during your presentation.

Build Raport

Relate to your audience on a deeper level by appealing to their sense of humor. Everyone loves to laugh!

“I’m a fan of HumorPoint’s Cartoon Search Engine! I’m using it Frequently to find cartoons that help “break the ice” when conducting sales and customer service trainings!”

- Tene Kosmyna

Why Humorpoint?

“Most presentations are glorified snooze-fests. Start with a laugh. A quick laugh lets them know they’re in the hands of a good presenter, or at least a likable person. Once you’ve secured that trust, they’ll be more open to what you say next.”

– David Nihill.

Relatable Humor

Use our comprehensive suite of humor tools to find the perfect humor resource for your specific audience.

In-Depth Search

Find the perfect cartoon, quote, or other humor resource using our easy to use search tools.

Limitless Humor

Our extensive network of humor tools allows you to add unlimited resourced to your multiple presentations.

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Contact us and we’ll help liven up your next presentation, and make it one to remember.

Plenty Comedic Perks

Our Story and Approach

In this testimonial of HumorPoint, Ms. Lisa Jones describes how creative and resourceful the HumorPoint Tools are to create a great sense of humor!

The Value Proposition of Humor.

Scrambling to create a business presentation? Here’s a tip; start with a few slides showing a series of funny quotes or cartoons just to warm up the room. It makes people realize your talk is not going to be a total borefest and you plan to keep things lively.

Pitch Perfect Humor Tools

With The Perfect Touch of Humor Creating a Feel Good Connection is Simple, Fast and Easy and Always Welcomed. Making People Smile Has Never Been Easier…or More Fun!


The Perfect Joke


The Perfect Cartoon


The Perfect Quote


The Perfect Gif


The Perfect Graphic Generator


The Perfect Comedy Clip

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