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About HumorPoint

About Us

HumorPoint is a Professional Humor Company that solves the problem of finding safe, high-performance, laugh-generating humor to ensure you and your presentation will be heard, be liked, and be memorable.

HumorPoint was created to be the world’s first professional Humor Toolbox where business people interested in lightening up their communications now have a multitude of creative, risk-free, easy to deliver humor options.

Our mission is to increase your communication appeal and effectiveness by perfecting your humor competency. When someone says, “I just can’t use humor.” now you can. We leveled the humor-playing field so you can easily share smart, bridge-building, connecting humor to improve your presentations, meetings, and emails along with your likability and reputation.

“The reason why many advertising and marketing experts suggest you do use humor is because it’s fundamental to forming positive relationships. We buy from people we like, and humor is the easiest and fastest way to get there.”

Magda Kay

Meet Our Founders

Robert Bostick

HumorPoint Founder
Perfect Cartoon Founder

Robert Bostick, MBA has enjoyed making people laugh for as long as he can remember. This skill served him well as a public speaker, a comedian, and during his twenty-year award-winning career in corporate sales. His Salesperson of the Year Award with America’s largest public presentation technology corporation was a testament to the persuasive and influential power of humor.

By creating the world’s first curated cartoon search engine and professional humor technology platform his goal is to help others achieve the same kind of success. Anyone can now transform their meeting or presentation from a daily snoozefest to a reputation-enhancing leadership showcase by using the world’s first professional humor toolbox to make the power of humor as simple as choosing the most delectable item off your favorite restaurant menu.

Adam Cheyer

Perfect Cartoon Co-Founder

Adam has been a co-founder or founding member of four successful startups, including Siri (sold to Apple, where he led server-side engineering and AI for the Siri assistant), (the world’s largest petition platform), Viv Labs (sold to Samsung, where he led product engineering and developer relations for Samsung’s voice assistant, Bixby), and Sentient (massively distributed machine learning).

Humor Tools

We're Committed to Empowering Your Potential

Our HumorPoint Toolbox, Humor Services, and Presentation Keynote ‘The Power of Humor & The Humor Tools to Deliver it’ provides leaders and employees tools, tactics, and humor strategies to reach your organization’s presentation, sales, marketing, leadership, and company culture goals.

We hope you enjoy all the exciting content we’ve brought together. Be ready to have your sense of humor elevated and appreciated like never before providing you a noticeable and invaluable advantage for your professional success.

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